General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg 
As of May 2020


Section I: Registration

  1. Registration is legally binding for both parties and is valid in the absence of a signature either via email, through our online form ( or in person at our locations.
  2. The participant must submit his personal data, information on his level of languague knowledge, a CV, a copy of his passeport, his diploma and a copy of his visa or resident permit (if available) for further processing and service from the ICF-Centrum.
  3. These terms and conditions will be clearly referred to during registration.
  4. The price list applicable is the one valid at the time of the course participant’s registration. All bank transaction charges related to the payment of course fees are the responsibility of the person making the payment.
  5. After successful registration, customers will receive an invoice. As a rule, the invoice must be paid within 1-2 weeks. Special agreements can be made between customers and the school administration in certain cases.
  6. After receiving the invoive payment, the participant shall receive a confirmation of participation from the ICF-Centrum for the qualification requested by the participant via e-mail. The contract for qualification has thus come into being.
  7. In connection with visa applications, special regulations must be observed (see below).


Section II: Admission requirements

  1. The participoant shall ensure that he fulfills all relevant conditions for partiicipation by the start oft he respective course, at the latest.


Section III: Holiday regulations

  1. For all courses, no lessons will take place on the statutory holidays. If within a course there are more than two holidays, the missing teaching units will be made up for.
  2. During the Easter uand Christmas holidays no courses take place.


Section IV: Prices and Services

  1. The course prices include services of the ICF-Centrum such as information and course counseling, suitability assessment, course certificates and in-house tests) A certificate will be issued to each participant at the end of a course, dependent upon regular attendance
  2. For all group courses a minimum number of 12 participants is required.
  3. The number of teaching units in all ICF-Centrum courses is based on the assumption that between 12 and 25 participant shall take part in the course.
  4. If fewer than the required number of participants are registered, the number of teaching units will be reduced as follow:
  • with a maximum of 9 participant, to hold only 75% of the teaching units listed
  • with a maximum of 6 participant, to hold only 50% of the teaching units listed
  • with a maximum of 3 participant, to hold only 25% of the teaching units listed

The course price remains unchanged.


Section V: Rebookings, Withdrawal, Absences

  1. All changes in the original booking must be made in writing. Rebookings or changes in the bookings can be made without charge up to 2 weeks prior to the course start. Whether changes can be made after the stated deadline of 2 weeks will be decided by the ICF-Centrum Management on a case-to-case basis. For all rebookings after the deadline a fee is payable.
  2. In cases of withdrawal from a booked course prior to the course start, the ICF-Centrum will retain the following amounts of course fees:
  • 14 days before start of course 20 % of total fees
  • 10 days before start of course 30 % of total fees
  • 5 days before start of course 50 % of total fees
  • 4 days before start of course and after course start 100 % of total fees
  1. For any absences on the part of the participant, e. g. due to illness, late arrival, etc. no compensation whether in the form of a refund or in made up hours is possible.


Section VI: Visa and Registration Confirmation

  1. For registrations from abroad there are additional cots for advising and processing international applications in the amount of 225 EUR.
  2. The processing fee of 225 EUR is independent oft he success of a visa application and will not be refunded. The participant is responsible for applying for a visa and reimbursing the associated costs.
  3. Issuing the registration certificate requires written registration and pyment oft he full course fees. A visa must be applied for at the responsible consulate with the registration certificate. If no visa is issued, ICF-Centrum will reimburse the entire course fee. A requirement for a refund, however, is the immediate notification of ICF-Centrum by the applicant and the presentation of a written rejection notice from the German authorities.
  4. After a letter of acceptance for visa application is issued by ICF-Centrum no other reason for refunds are accepted than the rejection of the visa.


Section VII: Contractual obligations of the ICF-Centrum

  1. The ICF-Centrum agrees to deliver all specified services exercising all such due care. This includes in particular:
  • thorough preparation of the courses
  • careful selection and supervision of the service providers
  • accurate description of the services
  • proper delivery of the services agreed in the contract


Section VIII: Participants obligations

  1. Participans are obliged to help in correcting deficiencies as they occur. That means in particular that problems should be reported immediately to the ICF-Centrum in order to rectify the situation.


Section IX: Copyright

  1. Working materials provided to the participants by the ICF-Centrum are protected by copyright, and may not be copied, used commercially, or transmitted to third parties in whole or in part without the written consent of the ICF-Centrum or the author.


Section X: Data Protection/Privacy

  1. Data of users is stored for internal further processing and advertising purposes of ICF-Centrum in compliance with legal conditions. If users do not wish to receive information material from ICF-Centrum, please contact Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg, Tel.: +49 761 296 726 88, Email:
  2. The data protection declaration can be found at the following link:


Section XI: Court of juridiction

  1. German Law applies to all agreements and contracts made with the ICF-Centrum.
  2. The Court of Jurisdiction is Freiburg im Breisgau.


Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg 

May 2020, Managing director