Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg – ICF

Recognition for international health professionals

ICF - Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg supports international health professionals in successfully bringing their professional profile and experience from their home country into the German healthcare system.

About us

This is how we stand out

ICF - Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg is a non-profit educational institution. ICF has specialised in accompanying international health professionals during the recognition process and subsequently integrates them into the German health care system.

  • Our qualifications offer a high level of practical orientation.
  • We involve numerous experts from the field.
  • Our participants benefit from high-quality and multimedia teaching materials.
  • We offer individual consulting and coaching on career issues.
  • Our participants, lecturers and partners can actively participate in the further development of learning content, materials and services.
  • We guarantee consistent quality assurance of all qualification measures, materials and services.


AZAV accreditation and quality management

ICF - Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg is an approved institution according to the law on employment promotion (AZAV)

ICF is certified according to the Accreditation and Admission Ordinance on Employment Promotion (AZAV). The certification according to AZAV includes all requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for further vocational training. It is a prerequisite for an educational institution to be recognized by the so-called expert bodies and thus by the employment agency. The AZAV quality audit covers the organization, the processes, the personnel and all criteria relevant to the quality of the education. Both the educational institutions themselves and the qualification programmes are checked, approved and regularly monitored. ICF fulfils all these criteria and has been certified as a provider of further professional qualifications according to AZAV since September 2019 by the expert body SicZert GmbH.

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For medical institutions

Your medical institution need qualified medical personnel who meet your requirements and are looking for long-term employment? With the help of our network of doctors, we will quickly and always find the right medical assistant for you.

A particular focus of our activities is the placement of international assistant doctors for specialist training in German hospitals.

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What our clients say about us

Dr. med. Keltoum Bennis, resident physician in laboratory medecine
Dr. med. Keltoum Bennis, resident physician in laboratory medecine

First, I woud like to thank Dr Soltani for his work, his dedication, und of course his professionalism. As a young graduate moroccan Doctor  I had absolutely no idea how to go through all the « german » paperwork, Dr Soltani couldn’t have shown up at a better time, he was always on the front line and did everything as it should’ve been done, PERFECTLY. He was not only my translator, he was my advisor, and a huge support, who was always ready to hear all about my concerns, my exams, my work ... Thanks to God and thanks to him, i was able to achieve my goal, and for that, i will never thank him enough. I wish for all of you to have the amazing experience i had with him.

Dr. med. Meryem Benthami, ophthalmology resident
Dr. med. Meryem Benthami, ophthalmology resident

I have been in Germany for a year and a half. At the beginning I had no idea how I should start with a medical specialist training in Germany. Today I have started my medical specialist training in ophthalmology and it is also thanks to Zakariae's efforts that I am here. He has supported me actively throughout the entire recognition process: from the certified translation of my final documents, to the visa application, to the career advice (including curriculum vitae and letter of motivation), without forgetting the education voucher for the preparation course for the Kenntnisprüfung. Zakariae also gave me moral support and motivated me to get to where I am today.
I would like to thank him for his presence, his availability and his advice, which have contributed to this result.

MD Younes Arraji
MD Younes Arraji

In all sincerity, I had the privilege and the chance to work with Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg and to benefit from its services. Thanks to his experience, Dr Soltani not only translated all my papers meticulously and professionally, but he always accompanied and supported me with his valuable advice. Thanks to him, I received my professional license as a doctor before I left for Germany. I would like to take the opportunity to thank him once again. I highly recommend his services!

Abdelghafour Kamari, Nursing specialist at the University Hospital of Tübingen
Abdelghafour Kamari, Nursing specialist at the University Hospital of Tübingen

Dr Soltani is very competent! I felt comfortable from the first minute. He not only recognized my degree as a nurse, but also arranged a position for me as a nurse at the University Hospital of Tübingen. I can highly recommend everyone to go to him. You will not be disappointed.