AZAV Accreditation and Quality Management

ICF - Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg received the AZAV certification from the expert body SicZert GmbH.

ICF is certified according to AZAV

Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg is certified according to the Accreditation and Admissions Regulation for Employment Promotion (AZAV). Certification according to the Accreditation and Admissions Regulation for Employment Promotion (AZAV) includes all requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for continuing professional education. It is a prerequisite for a training provider to be recognised by the so-called expert bodies and thus by the Employment Agency. This certification is the prerequisite for the promotion of further training in accordance with the SGB III. The examination of quality in accordance with the AZAV covers the organisation, processes, personnel and all criteria relevant to the quality of education. Both the providers themselves and the individual courses or measures are examined, approved and regularly monitored. ICF fulfils all these criteria and has been a certified provider of continuing vocational training according to AZAV since September 2019.

Certified further training

The criteria for the approval of measures under the AZAV guarantee that the respective courses are carried out professionally and are of high quality overall. Among other things, they ensure that they are designed appropriately to achieve the educational objectives, that they are relevant to the labour market and that qualified personnel are used. The ongoing measures themselves as well as their success and quality are also regularly reviewed.

AZAV certification guarantees high-quality courses

The certification of a company according to AZAV stands for seriousness and experience. This is because the guarantee of continuous improvement, the labour market relevance of the further education offers and the well-founded development of new concepts are linked to a high quality standard which is regularly externally audited. Only in this way can the quality goals defined by ICF-Centrum be achieved, such as the improvement of chances on the job market and the greatest possible satisfaction of the customers.

AZAV - Education vouchers to promote your further education

At ICF - Interkulturelles Centrum Freiburg you can finance your subsidised measure with an AZAV education voucher. As a nationally accredited educational institution, ICF is entitled to accept education vouchers in accordance with the Accreditation and Admissions Regulation for Employment Promotion (AZAV). And this from all over Germany.

The AZAV education vouchers are issued by the Agentur für Arbeit or your responsible job centre. The basis for whether an AZAV-supported further training course is approved is a consultation with you. The education voucher usually covers 100% of the course costs.

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