Qualification programmes

Overview of the qualification programmes

Many international health care professionals aspire to work in the health sector in Germany. For this purpose they are required to pass a specialist language examination at level C1. If health care professionals have completed their medical or pharmaceutical degree in another EU country (in so-called third countries), they must also take a knowledge examination before the competent licensing authority.

Our qualification programs prepare international healthcare professionals for the obligatory language and knowledge tests and accompany them successfully to their license to practice medicine. In our courses we qualify health care professionals from different nations and language areas. Some come to us directly from abroad. For our participants from abroad we have designed the basic courses, which they can book as self-payers.

We offer our AZAV certified intensive courses to participants who already have their residence in Germany and come to Freiburg for the ICF courses from the different German states. These can be financed with an education voucher from the employment agency or the job centre.

Your participation can be 100% funded by the employment agency or the job centre, including accommodation in Freiburg i. Br.

And many doctors need something more! We also provide you with professional and individual guidance on important professional goals: How do I get an optimal position in the hospital? How do I deal with authorities so that I don't get big formal problems?

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The basic courses are designed for self-payers from abroad.

The intensive courses are AZAV certified and can be financed with an education voucher from the Employment Agency or the Job Centre.

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